19 October 2009

Vayan con dios

A relic of transport infrastructure in the Baton Rouge area will disappear from the earth come Wednesday.

The original US 190 crossing of the Amite River, completed 1927, converted to WB only traffic ca. 1955 or whereabouts:

(Image courtesy B(l)ing maps - north is at top, the bridge in question is the metal structure)

The bridge crossing here, a vital commuter link between EBR and Livingston Parishes, is being replaced with a modern concrete span, of which its blandness and absence of old wooden railings per the current bridge will be mitigated by its safer design.

1927-2009 - rest in pieces, old friend.


Speaking of exits...

In related news, Slick Eddie Price, mayor of Mandeville, has acknowledged the inevitable. Darkangel should be very happy about this ;-)

One down, one to go.

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