27 October 2009

California love

Wondering where I was earlier this month?

Probably not.

But for those who care, I'll give you two guesses.

A lifetime dream fulfilled - cruisin' the Southern California freeway system --

The legendary Four Level interchange.

Freeways 'r pretty wide in these parts.

San Diego, America's finest city.

Like our Latino friends, I made a run for the border also.

Since I suck at taking pictures, this trip ends with the sands of lovely Newport Beach to grace our exit.

Counties collected: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego

Freeways traveled: 5, 101, 405, 60, 91, 110 (interstate and state), 805, 15, 8, 52, 125, 55, 57, 22, 710, and last but not least 10 from the west terminus to Palm Springs

"So that's where I-10 winds up!" - My cousin Zeke who has never left Louisiana in his life

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