09 October 2009

War is peace

So likely you have heard the news that Our Leader has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. If that doesn't blow your mind, know that I am a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Just kidding. But just as likely in a rational world. Regrettably, this is not the case. In a world where black skin and corporatist socialism of a Euro-trash variety bear greater repute than actual accomplishment, the great war criminal in chief can rack up accolades and successes on the thinnest of resumes and achievements.

It is understandable only in the context that the greatest war criminals are often recipients of this very award. So it is apparent that the international corporatist elites are grooming The One for bloodletting of a monumental nature.

BO is to the presidency what the losers on skid row are to the executive suite of a large corporation. When affirmative action is practiced in low places, it destroys lives but the larger effect is mitigated. When affirmative action is applied to the most responsible offices in the land, we all lose.

But then, with any project of the elites, we the people are bound to lose.

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