07 September 2009

Thuggin' it and lovin' it

Did you work this Labor Day? 

Because the original purpose of the holiday was to celebrate and encourage the great American work ethic, that powerful force which built this country into greatness.

Instead, most of us use this day to slouch and otherwise avoid labor, in the nature of the parasite nation which this country has become.

Those in the know make a point of doing nothing but productive things on this date, in homage to the intent of the holiday.

For all others, there is at least the sore temptation of the culture of death to comfort them.

Enjoy your rest day, for the corporatists may demand your blood to-morrow by declaring you surplus and placing you on permanent holiday.

Work is life. Indolence is death.


To-morrow, yet more bodies will drop in Port Charles. Pray that no Quartermaines breathe their last. They are endangered enough.

Thanx, Guza.

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