15 September 2009

You lie!

But then they all do.

Even those who call out lying liars who wear the purple, heroically and in the face of what the power elite terms "executive deference", are themselves liars so far as they belong to one of the most dishonest institutions on earth - the United States Congress.

It is the supreme example of the pot calling the kettle black.

What does Senator "Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them" Stuart Smalley think of all this? Where be his voice (among others) rising in opposition to the dishonest proclamations of our charlatan, sociopathic God-Leader?

But it is a God-Leader in which they can approve, and for that Team Blue is content. Never mind that despite the supreme ignorance of the previous Leader, this Leader seems hell bent to outdo each and every one of his predecessors in the nation destroying business. 

It is also apparent, in all this frenzy, that even a Congressman cannot state the obvious and call out the emperor for having no clothes without bringing upon himself the full fury of the power elite.

Guess free speech is dead after all. Imagine if a mere mortal such as you or I were to fall into the same predicament. The park bench would be serving as our night time repose.

In the end, despite whatever effect this incident has for free speech (incivility my ass - we need more foul mouthed protestations and them some in Parasite City), it is apparent that lost in the shuffle is that burning issue which our overlords would rather have us conveniently forget.

The truth. And that it matters.

And the truth is this: The State, its corporate benefactors, and all its actors, is death. And the only solution is to string them all up onto a burning stake, and then we will have our country back.

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