26 August 2009

Teddy's dead

The spent Messiah of the corporatist Left has breathed his last.

And so let the hosannas roll (and indeed, they will) for this lifetime parasite, this master of the power game, this architect of depredations minor and massive which has rightly earned the ire of all decent Americans for which the name "Edward Kennedy" is little more than an epithet. His "bipartisanship" and "success" in legislative deeds testifies to the fact that in the end, the Establishment is indeed monolithic despite their surface cleavage into warring camps of Teams Red and Blue.

Let us not forget, if the Great One had not been benighted by accident of birth and privilege with the electric surname of political power, that he would have faded fast long ago into the criminal justice system, to bear his responsibility for a young woman's death caused by his hand. 

For the normal person, Chapaquiddick would have been the end of his life. For this fatted scion of privilege, it was but a minor speedbump to an ultimate fate of honor and reverence among the power elite.

This murderer, substance abuser, chronic adulterer, and moral midget died with all the esteem and glory accorded him by the Establishment. Indeed, in the complexion of the character of those we worship, it is evident that we as a nation are morally bankrupt and decadent through and through.

Though he claimed responsibility for his many personal failings, a real statesman would have removed himself from the public service which demands a rigor of character greater than the usual standard. And to his dying breath, he held dear the tenets of socialism and collectivism, beholden to the corporate elites that made him, and took no responsibility for the destruction he caused to the notion of a free republic, laying waste to all hopes and dreams of personal freedom for all so that the corporatist nirvana of total socialism could be realized.

And indeed, the Great One's corpse may be just the bump needed to bring the spectre of StatistCare to life, as indeed his brother's shattered cadaver was used as the bludgeon to enact the odious Grate Society which has done so much to eviscerate the moral fabric of this land.

Edward Kennedy is dead. And not a moment too soon.

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