17 August 2009

Rage against the machine

Even an omnipotent monarch such as BO cannot retain power without the implicit will of the masses. The secret of the power elite is that the entire structure of power which supports them rests on a foundation of clay feet, of which revolution from below would vaporize it to smithereens in an historical instant. The gods of power would be exposed for the charlatans they are in short time. The elites go to great lengths to help you forget this inconvenient (for them) fact.

But as the end times approach, the facade of power is crumbling and the ruptures in the tower of power are, finally and fatally, steadily growing.

The perfect socialiste clamor of StatistCare, also known as the government's method to finally assert control over who lives and who dies, has finally awakened the bovine masses from their stupor. The monarchs of power return to the provinces which they nominally represent, to engage the dumb masses in the "consultive" process of democracy (sure...), but lo! they are faced with the seething rage of a populace which is growing to understand the great game that the elites play and are wise to the ways of the State power.

Even fools can see that State run health care is to provide the power of life and death over every individual to the State. Regardless of socialized health care's constitutionality (I'll give you two guesses) or its costs (instant bankruptcy for the USSA), the moral quandary of BO and his cohorts dictating who is worthy of life and who is not is pressing even for the feeble of mind.

It is the naked attempt of the sociopathic fascist to exterminate all those who do not profit himself.

First they come for the Jews...then the elderly....then the merely "eccentric"...and soon eccentric will be identified as any personal behavior which does not work to favor the Corporate State and the permanent financial profit of the Corporatocratic cartel.

Soon, even a subtle facial glance will expose you as a traitor. Be sure you're healthy when that happens, or the bovine healthcareocrats (who will undoubtedly derive from the same ranks as the corn fed cows of the welfare Bureaucracy) will suddenly deem you "economically unviable" and thus unworthy of care...life unworthy of life.

It is a general rule that as corrupt empires reach their last stages of collapse, their fundamental fascist tendencies grow increasingly open and undisguised, as do the corresponding attitude of their sociopathic power elites. Indeed.

The empire is in the hands of sociopaths and has been for the last 150 years. When regular people do nothing, freedom dies and the sociopaths win. 

But people are beginning to witness. And lo, may the sociopaths only hope that their deaths be quick and short when the time of the long knives commences.

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