22 July 2009

Hello, my dear

At the risk of turning this blog into a self-indulgent art show....

Regrettably the fact that I am older than dirt (or so it seems) is hardly protection from what seems like juvenile, childlike, and silly activities on my part. However, what spare time exists in life acts as a vacuum and demands to be filled. So it was that I entered the craven world of avatar creation.

The original intent was to create a virtual female similar to the artistic beauties (or something approaching this) which I pencil away in my spare time, where no soul can share. Thus the intent was not so much realism as what struck me as attractive. Granted I am male, so if you are unduly offended, tough potatos.

But I believe I have not done too badly in crafting my ideal female(s). 

Consider thus:

This young woman is adventurous, loves the outdoors, has few hangups or inhibitions about the world around her. She loves life, lives each day for all it is worth. She is sensible, intelligent, perceptive, and above all kind and caring. Behind her appearance of devil may care, she holds a deep and abiding sense of moral responsibility toward herself and others. It is for these reasons that she is admired and treasured by friends and family alike.

This lovely woman is sophisticated, demure, somewhat shy but attractive all the same. She holds a passionate intensity toward her work and demands excellence in all her endeavors. She dresses professionally and properly as suits her sense of moral and social propriety, though it fails to prevent men from turning their heads as she radiates a quality of sensibility and goodness which permeates her entire being. She would certainly make a good friend or spouse for someone - her patience, quiet love, passion for living, intelligence, and sensitivity recommend her highly.

This young lady is free-sprited, with nothing to hide, starting her adult life with all the excitement and trepidation that this brings. She is friendly and a joy to be around; not the kind of girl that gets obsessed with style and fashion and all the other empty vagarities of the university female set. She has simple tastes and simple desires - to get an education, to be a credit to her family, to come home and prepare a nice home cooked meal for herself, perhaps shared with a few friends.

This lovely is of course an adventurer. She holds no fear in exploring strange environments, even entire new worlds. Fit and limber, she takes care of herself so that she may engage life to its fullest. She is as tough as any man and craves new challenges and obstacles to overcome. Though she works hard and plays hard, she desires as much as anyone that someone special to come home to, to embrace her and soothe her aching body when she is done adventuring for the day.

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