29 July 2009

Hall of lame

As all things pass, so they become lame. And so here therewith we present the Wide World of Lameness:

Thomas Spinoza - for creating a downtown for dickheads, kicking our real downtown while it lays dying, and not bothering to deal honestly with his associates, so that the spectre of foreclosure now graces this monstrous blight on the south suburbs

Conan O'Brian - for pretending to be a comedian

Ben Silverman - for playing a lot of high winded dickhead games, yet doing nothing to save the network of which he was president from being drowned in the bathtub (seems that the name "Silverman" has a poor track record at the Crap Network)

Sarah Palin - no comment necessary, her entire life is a cacaphony of lameness

Drew Carey - for plumbing the depths of lameness, by lowering the greatest game show in history to the bottom rung of depravity and despair

General Hospital - because only the most brilliant of minds could turn a time honored medically oriented series into a low rent version of the Sopranos

Jack Wagner - because who knew that to be "Wagner'd" could be such a life changing experience

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal - for high crimes and dickheadery, namely promising flashy "change" and then proceeding to mulch tax dollars with abandon, satisfying his innate bureaucrat urge

Our Leader (aka BO) - for raping the Amerikan people every which way and that, and condemning us to the certain death of economic dessication and medical fascism.

Way to go, people. You folks have done wonders to make our society the thriving cesspool it is to-day. Believe it!

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