21 July 2009

Death spiral

These are indeed fortituous times for those who wish to study the mechanics of a wholesale civilizational collapse.

As the empire elicits its last wheezing gasps, laid low by the twin blows of debt orgy and parasitism, the madmen in power look to compound the blow as the last vestiges of the free economy are consumed by the State machine, with the next sector to fall under the bureaucratic mow looking to be health care. At this rate, it will be fortunate indeed if we even have roots and weeds to sustain us when the day of judgment arrives.

That day is approaching rapidly as we continue to max out our credit cards throughout the world, as the rapacious demands of a wicked Imperial machine look to outstrip the total extent of all wealth on planet Earth. The demands of the subsidy class know no bounds; the endless pit of need knows no end to its insatiable craving for something for nothing.

The fact that IT IS FINISHED is plainly evident to any sane thinking person, which sadly amounts to only a handful Remnant among the social ruins of the comatose mobs of T-shirt wearing, foul mouthed, overweight, ignorant, dirty, State worshiping grimy human refuse which comprises an overwhelming majority of those who are alive to-day.

Where once there was a sliver of escape, there can be no longer. The door is sealed, the jig is up, and we are all locked into a lethal footrace which is ensured to terminate in oceans of blood and mountains of corpses. Mere human extinction would be but a merciful outcome for the living Hell which is to be unleashed upon the wicked who walk this day on Earth.

In all ages Socialism = Death. In the former CCCP the blood of lost millions cries out from the earth as silent human sacrifice to the machine gods of State engineering and subsidy privilege. The mounds of corpses only grow in the face of the demands of the socializers of civilization to bend mankind to their will, while profiting handsomely in the process (which is the whole point of the blood fiesta, indeed).

Only a small taste of this gory fate has been unleashed upon the Amerikan sheeple so far. But the time of calm is evaporating fast and the long knives have been unleashed. In the face of resource deprivation, economic collapse, and mass starvation, the current Social Engineer in power intends to fulfull the lethal creed made bare in the infamous fascist paen of his ancestor in moral corruption, Rexford Guy Tugwell:

I am strong.
I am big and well made.
I am sick of a nation’s stenches.
I am sick of propertied czars.
I have dreamed my great dream of their passing.
I have gathered my tools and my charts.
My plans are finished and practical.
I shall roll up my sleeves — and make America over.

A New Deal indeed. The crematoria will fill up rapidly.

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