15 June 2009


Nothing catches my ire lately to write about now, save the same old assaults against decency which I have beat to death a hundred times by now.

So it is with this blog. For the near future at least, do not expect the updates to be as fast or as furious as they have been in the past. It is hard to sustain a continuous stream of thoughts week after week without becoming repetitive and crassly narcissistic in appearance and fact.

To be honest, this is a course which I have been contemplating for a while. Blogging has ceased to be a release for me, having mutated over time through declining interest into an evening chore. I expected that this would happen at some point. You may have noticed a decreasing commitment to these pages in recent months by my declining posting frequency and quality of my writing - that is, if you even care at all, which is unlikely. But that is your right, of course.

If something exceptional catches my interest, it shall likely find its way here. But there is little in this world anymore that does not simply make me shake my head in "been there, seen that, bought that tee shirt."

This light will be dimmed for now. But one day the old fire will burn hot and bright again, and the elites will once again tremble at the sight of truth.

Ta ta for now.

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