13 June 2009

Weekends suck

Especially if you are an obese loser existing on the fringes of even marginal society, who is regarded universally as a nuisance and threat by familiar and stranger alike.

The ghetto exists to contain such souls, to preserve them separate from the larger society which loathes and mistrusts them for good reason. For the social deviants are an unproductive force on the larger commonweal, whose existence stunts and atrophies the good work of the productive many for which basic human skills do not pose such challenge as with the morally comatose.

Though one might think that a person such as myself, fitting the description above to a "T", would preach social tolerance and comity, the fact is that a dedication to the moral right trumps any sympathies of mine toward the weak and lazy. Those who put little into life and expect others to bow to their every whim are condemned to obtain from life only the bare crumbs as moral recompense for the misery which they inflict upon others and themselves.

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