23 May 2009

Turn on, tune in, drop out

It always fascinates me when the 'learned intellectual' set always frame the costs of "disinvesting" in our wayward youth in terms of the tax revenues which they become unable to contribute by following the primrose path of perdition and thuggery.

As if the only purpose of a productive individual is to feed the state as a veritable slave in chains, the productive wealth generating activity only a sideline to growing the monstrous machine.

Is this the purpose, then, of public policy - to promote and foster career "success" in the corporatocracy so as to feed the twin extractions of tax thievery and corporate depredations?

Are the barren crumbs for playing the game correctly a life of being surrounded by dickhead pansies, soft amoral douches of men with feminine hands left like sourdough from all the hard work of paper pushing and memo writing?

More and more each day I see increased wisdom in that old moniker "Turn on, tune in, drop out."

It is becoming apparent that society has no use for the common man besides functioning as a debt slave to those masters that oppress him by their guns.

In return he is offered a manufactured and unhealthy diet, a bare modicum of dwelling, a smattering of 'toys' and other pertinent possessions, and a constant stream of an increasingly empty and crass popular "culture."

Is this trade off worth the sacrifices to earn the "good life" as a cog in the corporatist system?

Increasingly I am growing to admire those who have dispensed with the system and have blazed their own paths. They are spit upon and lambasted; the dickheadery thumbs its collective nose at them.

They do not feed the phalanx of the unearned and undeserving with their perpetually outstretched hands. Instead, they exist for themselves and live life as they choose. In short, they are free men.

Indeed, throughout history it has been the drop outs that have blazed new trails, explored new horizons, assumed new risks. Without the drop out, any greatness America once displayed would have never come to pass.

Let us indeed encourage the impulse to drop out. With each fatted calf which is lost to the vampire state and its vampire elites, the entire system grows weaker, is undermined, and treads closer to its ultimate destruction.

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