25 May 2009

Death worship day

Memorial Day always brings with it the most puerile forms of collective madness - a drumbeat of State worshipping paeans to Imperial aggression chanted in unison, a steady diet of war films and other media items which amount to a glorification of Empire, aggression, violence, and worship of the State.

On this day we are supposed to memorialize the dead of all our wars, whose lives were cut short in overseas locales as they died to "protect our freedoms." But this is the great Imperial lie wrought twofold.

First, the escapades amounted to Imperial aggression, plain and simple. No truly national interests were at stake. Of course, the world elites had important issues (to them) at play, but such is the reality of war that the common people must die when the international power brokers have their little temper tantrums and feuds amongst themselves.

Second, it is clear that whatever freedom our soldiers had died to preserve is no longer extant, if indeed it existed at all outside the delusions of our elite cheerleaders for Democracy and Empire. The state managed corporatocracy has determined to squeeze any bit of meaningfulness in life outside that which has been preserved to further the interests of the State and corporate powers. What does not serve to increase the profits of the corporatist cartels enforced by State guns and favour has been erased from existence, leaving the common lot as debt ridden serfs to a corporatist-fascist Empire of lies, deceit, treachery, and above all empty glamour absent of substance or value.

The dickheadery has perverted the tenor of life beyond comprehension, to where the highest and best use of man is to join the ranks of the conformist suits which push the paper which serves to support the creation and existence of the counterfeit wealth that underlays every facet of corporatist society. The Type A "macho man" dickhead and his feather palmed, somewhat more effeminate cousin in the starched shirt and business suit has become the ideal to which millions are expected to aspire by our determinants of social propriety.

Sports and intoxicating substances have replaced the dying embers of nonexistent deity worship as the intensive focus of our culture, the subject to which all conversations turn. A close second in this puerile race for the "good life" is the narcissistic obsession with carnal pleasurement and gratification, the dead end of a moral creed based in nihilism and living for the moment. In short, the same philosophy which undergirds the actions of corporate Amerika, the State, and their supplier/enabler in the Federal Reserve System.

What is left to memorialize in our dead culture? A world which was preserved by millions of corpses - a world of emptiness, treachery, deceit, false wealth, counterfeit privilege, moral and fiscal bankruptcy? Is this what the soldiers who fell at Omaha Beach, Anzio, Monte Cassino, the Argonne, died to protect?

And indeed, it speaks volumes about our intellectual bankruptcy that we declare war to be the highest and best endeavor of the State, that giving one's life for Empire is honorable and good, that the tragic and terrible wastage of productive human lives for a counterfeit "freedom" is glorious, that the right of the individual to his own life ends at the beck and call of the Imperial elites?

We are beyond salvation. The ultimate destruction looms hither. 

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