27 May 2009

Change we can believe in

If you are a reader of this blog (likely not) you notice it has begun to sound like a one note record. Not much variation thereof from the usual loser rant of "the world sucks, I suck, yada yada yada ad nauseum" et al. Without Standards and Practices controlling content, things can become pretty monotonous indeed, much like my diet and the lives of ants.

We could speak here to-day about the impending bankruptcy and State ownership of Government Motors. But would I not be repeating myself yet again?

Indeed, there is much to celebrate. In my possession I now have a new chrome plated portable computer, the modern equivalent to the gaudy NBC late 1970s "N" ident of empty glamour fame.

So let us effect change we can truly believe in, unlike that counterfeit alteration from our Supreme Leaders in the Capitol City, itself no stranger to empty glamour of the chrome plating variety.

The story ideas are a'churning again, and so I have returned to the pen (or more precisely, the keyboard), with the wry hope that a new MS Office suite will prove suitably inspiring to effect completion. The companion blog, as you may have noticed, has not been upd*ted due to lack of material, which you can pin solely on the headwriter and his inability to tell a story creatively without losing his train of thought somewhere before the second act.

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