21 May 2009

Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead

A short, brief news item crossed my ears the other day, spoken almost as an afterthought by the representative of the mainstream media: China and Brazil will stop using dollars to make foreign purchases and instead will turn to their own currencies.

Little are the most critical events of note in our world to-day understood. A small turn of the screw leads to countless millions of excess deaths down the road.

Shall societal collapse derive from this? Not likely. But one small cut too many may be the unkindest cut of all.


Obamanomics is in full swing now, as BO, economic illiterate par excellence, flexes his leadership muscles as his dictatorship over the economy ramps up into full bore. The depredations grow more daring by the day as the Barren One consolidates his blood reign and consigns his enemies (laughable, pathetic fools that they are) into the ether. 

The first insult is new Federally-mandated credit card rules that will serve in the end to seriously hamper the availability of credit for those who prove themselves worthy of it, while providing an inprudent subsidy to those for which the words "credit" and "prudence" could never meet in the same sentence.

Understand it for what it is - rules written by the credit cartel itself, imposed by a willing State, to ensure higher costs for the consumer, higher fees and profits for themselves, and less service to the customer all around. The battle to corporatize and bureaucratize all of life has claimed victory in another round, with the common man as always defeated and made to scrimp before his corporate overlord to sustain the right to exist.

This would in itself be enough. But lo! a second depredation fell upon what remains of a free market in Amerika as the State also claimed hegemony over the shrinking automobile industry as it imposed draconian new auto emissions standards that will all but ensure a massive decline in the quality of automobiles: poorer product for higher prices, the dickheadery's wet dream come true.

If this is the change which the Amerikan sheeple believe in, then the words of Lenin, that capitalism would destroy itself from within, have come true.

We are treading in dangerous waters, and soon the torpedos will come to sink the ship of empire. And with that, we all drown in the murky waters of death.

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