15 May 2009

Suction vortice

Public sector employees like to believe that they are integral parts of the economy, that they deliver "services" which are vital to society, that they comprise an important part of the larger economy, albeit the "public sector" component.

It helps the tortured psyche to believe the lie, for self preservation purposes if anything. The convenient delusion works to uplift self-esteem, to assist in momentarily hiding from the fact that they are participants in a monstrous criminal endeavor.

But what value is gained by that person who "works" in the employ of the State, who "earns" a salary performing "productive" labor for the "benefit" of the "public interest"?

Lots of euphemisms there, eh?

In truth, the public employee is no better than the welfare sow, mouth clinging firmly to the State trough, though far more lavishly compensated, comparatively speaking, for his "service" to the State. His salary constitutes an unproductive drain on productive persons and labor, drained from morally proper purposes through the legalized robbery of tax extraction to be put to use for morally nefarious ends. His labor is hardly productive - insulated from competition and the profit motive, the work of a public employee can hardly be described as arduous. To suck at the teat of the State does not constitute "earning a living."

And hardly is there benefit from all of this. Indeed, the overfed, indulged State bureaucRAT is the bovine colossus upon which many a productive venture is dashed, broken by the inane and arcane errata of mindless State regulation and other means by which the looter gang conspire to obtain their take of the profits of productive effort.

It goes without saying that no public interest is served, if indeed there can be said that a "public interest" even exists.

Indeed, if the public interest is defined by its most common understanding - the greatest good for the greatest number - what better means to satisfy this demand other than the goodness of unfettered, unrestrained, laissez-faire capitalism and free markets?

But don't tell Bernanke-bot this. His program might encounter a forbidden fatal error if these words of mortal truth pass his ears.

On the other hand, never mind.

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