17 May 2009

Sheep to slaughter

Lately I have been intensely reading the histories of the imperial Third Reich as established by the Nazis under Hitler.

The story, the gory details of which we hopefully all know, reeks of "preventative war", atrocities, torture, mass slaughter of civilians, the ascendancy of barbarism, the rise of murder to an art form, a comatose civilian population, an unchecked State where decisions turned upon the will of a semi-divine absolute Leader, etc. etc.

How different are we to-day from the madness of the National Socialist regime?

The same patterns as noted above are evident in full bore variety; we simply turn blind to the clear and evident parallels between our own actions and the universally condemned lethality of a defeated enemy. It is not convenient for our leaders or our national psyche to witness these obvious similarities, lest it call into question the basic fundamentals of the modern Imperial state.

There is the same love of power and quest for death, the need for total control and the attendant bureaucratic onslaught backed by State guns, the under-the-table persecution of outgroups under the guise of "social hygiene" (it's called the "war on drugs" to-day), the usual imperial conquests and adventures in foreign parts which consume millions of human lives in the service of imperial elites like so much petrol or spent ammunition rounds.

The fatted leadership class is protected in privilege within the glittering halls of power, their lives secure behind their phalanx of Praetorian bodyguards, able to make decisions to destroy millions of lives free from consequence or contrition for their evil actions.

While the sheeple are brought forth to the altars of human sacrifice to shed their blood for the glory of the State, and millions of black and brown "others" halfway around the world are butchered without a peep in the name of "freedom" and "democracy", life rolls on contentedly for those not in the line of fire.

The monstrous evil of the leadership is clear. What moral character does it bespeak about us as a nation that we dare not lift a finger to protest the horrific deeds which are committed in our name?

And the sheeple deign to wonder why "they" hate us.

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