18 May 2009

The L word

There are precious few triumphs or accomplishments in my life of which I can state that I am unequivocally proud. In fact, I can really name only two such events.

The first was placing first overall in World Geography at the State Literary Rally as a high school freshman. (Sad that I must go all the way back to my childhood to find something of merit.)

The second was obtaining my master's degree. (I refuse to include graduation with an undergraduate degree here because that has become an all-too-common accomplishment to-day.)

Otherwise, my life has been a long string of defeats, failures, and losses, all due to my incalculable laziness, sloth, moral squalor, intentional mental disorder, and carelessness. Jobs lost, friendships terminated (or simply not initiated), exclusion from organizations, income and asset evaporation, alienation and estrangement from family and relatives - these I have all seen in my life.

Unemployment and jobless indolence has been my default state for much of my existence. The only human interaction I receive is that of the filthy homeless bums I frequently encounter who apparently view me as an ATM to finance their drug/tobacco/alcohol habits.

Even to write these words conveys the level of human squalor to which I have descended. I expend countless hours lamenting my problems while doing nothing to solve them.

So if you would like to be a dickhead and ask, "Well, whose fault is all that?" I will not play into your hands and say "Don't blame me, blame society." I have not taken leave of all my moral senses. My response will be "I screwed up, and continue to do so each day."

Perhaps it would be better if my conscience were to evaporate. Then I could exist as the feral pigs of the trailer court do - absent of responsibility for a miserable existence and the reprehensible actions therein. I could too live as an animal, a comatose non-thinking being corn-fed on a diet of Cheetos and dollar store cola, shaped more like a pig than a human being, reduced to constant mental chaos with my fellow animal beings in the mud and moral muck of the trailer court. A life lived for the moment, dictated by the mysterious physical whims of the body and its glands.

There is a marked reticence amongst the "better" classes to call it for what it is. The twin dictates of 'tolerance' and 'diversity' have conspired to keep silent the voices of judgment upon others, lest the dogs of political correctness be unleashed. We sit silent as incompentence and immorality goes down at the highest levels (and at many lower levels below the top brass).  We permit moral monstrosities to occur before our very eyes due to the need to be "inclusive" of all persons regardless of their "skill sets" or "life competencies."

Fifty years ago, the moral leech would have been thrown out on his ear. Now he is tolerated, merely tolerated, and hated all the more for it.

The word, the concept is "LOSER."

The pain they inflict upon themselves, they deserve. The life and opportunities they lose, they are not worthy of.

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