13 May 2009

Fat, lazy, and stupid

So many of us, especially myself, are fat, lazy, and stupid.

We bumble through life semi-comatose, with nary a thought toward others, protected by our subsidies of tenured State jobs and the false goodwill (aka courtesy) of our peers. We live dull, boring, uninteresting, wasted lives that are the just recompense for the smidgen of effort which we put into this world. We lack the desire to think or improve ourselves or others, or otherwise increase our value in a way that might provide us the opportunity for a better, happier life.

A few of us know all this. We are aware of our ignorance, our slothfulness, the utter waste of our mental capacities. We understand how these contribute to our poor health, marginal socioeconomic status, and lack of friends and companions. We have read all the books, manuals, and treatises which spell out, in great detail, how to uplift oneself from depression and sloth and live one's life to be productive and happy, using proven and time-tested formulas.

These books tell us to eat right, exercise, be active. They tell us to treat other people with respect and dignity. They tell us to work hard, make the best effort daily, and seek out new opportunities and challenges. They tell us to constantly avoid one's comfort zone, so that we may advance and grow as people.

These things are all known to us. It is not rocket science. It only takes dedication and will power to execute. The majority of people have mastered this formula.

But the fat, lazy, stupid ones refuse to make the requisite adjustments, despite all the obvious and very positive benefits.


Because the one overarching aspect of one who is fat, lazy, and stupid is that he is a moocher and a leech.

He believes above all else that there is a magical tooth fairy that will bestow the gifts of health, social prowess, and work ethic upon him, with no effort on his part to work and obtain these things. He feels no responsibility for improving himself, because he desires more than anything else for others to make all the effort of improvement, but for him to receive all the benefits without lifting a fatted finger. For that, he is a useless worthless piece of stinking subhuman refuse unfit to share this earth with rabid mongrels. Such is the utter disgraceful ugliness of the anti-morality he practices.

He is the end product of the welfare state, the something for nothing mentality that is the hallmark of our modern Amerikan society. It is not surprising that with each expansion of social subsidy, the fat, lazy, and stupids correspondingly increase in number. This has been the absolute trend for at least the past fifty years.

As the army of comatose corn-fed simpletons in the cubicle farm grows, the proportion of innovative, productive citizens shrink correspondingly. The rush into delusion and fantasy, into hand holding "psychosis" and the flight from productive activity by so many of our lesser lights whom we charitably (for now) include amongst the human race, is hardly beneficial for technological innovation, our economy, and our society.

When we as a civilization are faced with a truly epic problem of gigantic proportions, a crisis which threatens the survival of civilization and liberty, how will this moron morass react then? How will they fare in the face of a true, lethal threat, as opposed to the self generated, insipid moronia of their minds which they inflict upon themselves to generate pity from others so that they may wallow in their own excrement until the "adults" arrive to "save" them?

Truly, they will react like children. Instead of defending themselves as free men would, they will scream like helpless infants as the liquidators of death easily return them to the earth from whence they sprang.

Indeed, it will be a fortituous turn of events for enemies of liberty posing as State actors, those same forces which conspired to create the moron armys in the first place through generations of coddling and miseducation in ethics (if indeed, morality and ethics were even introduced as a concept at all).

Then the road will be cleared for their thousand year blood reign. There will be no more fat, lazy, and stupids then, because none could survive the bone crushing realities of slavery. But then even sane men, men who under liberty would justly thrive, will have absolutely no hope of even the pursuit of happiness.

So from the despair pursuing pits of moronia, we export despair to all as civilization evaporates.

Not with a bang, but with a loser sucking his thumb, crying in an infantile whine "But I couldn't help it!!!"

So be it.

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