11 May 2009


What is it as a society which seeks amusement and pleasure in the carving up and butchery of young women?

I ask this question because it has been prompted by my recent viewing (by happenstance, thank you very much) of a disturbing and nihilistic piece of cinematic garbage called The Descent. But of course I could be speaking of many a 'slasher' and 'splatter' film. It appears to be a tradition amongst the producers of the "horror" genre to offer young women for sacrificial slaughter in the most brutal, horrific, and nightmarish methods. 

Since many film producers are narcissistic Hollywood types, mostly men, is this some form of craven and crass display of misogyny under the guise of cinematic 'convention', in the same vein of thought that led a certain ex-football star to butcher his former wife and her companion?

I don't think so. There are many fans of the slice and dice school of filmmaking. Indeed, the aforementioned film is allegedly very popular. I observed more positive reviews than not on online sites.

Let me put it bluntly: If you enjoy watching the brutal, horrific, graphic murder of innocent young women on film, you are a seriously disturbed individual. If you find savagery, murder, purposeless violence for the sake of violence entertaining, then what does that say about your mental state, your character, your sense of morals and respect for others?

And they call people like ME, folks who vouch for upholding the decency and finest elements of humanity, "mental defects" for stating these basic truths!!! Who's the actual defect, pray tell???

At one time, women were cherished by society. Women were honored, protected by men; they were placed on a pedestal, idealized, respected, valued as the providers of life and the fairer, civilized companion of the rougher male sex. Without women, there would be no life, no civilization. Without women to tame the machisimo and violence of men and render them responsible providers, the human species, much less all of the greatness we call civilization, would not exist.

This is why women should be protected from violence, shielded from horror. It is our honor as men to perform this duty. All those who disagree know not what it means to be civilized.

It is said that behind every successful man is a good woman. Remember this well.

Perhaps it should only follow that we debase women today, given that civilization is rapidly evaporating, that the role of civilizers is thus shrinking as we slouch inexorably toward the darkness of primitive savagery. As society coarsens in the sea of puerile bread and circuses and even women begin to resemble and act like savage animals (at least on the vast societal margins), we begin to forget what the purposes of the sexes are. In the end we are all sexless, androgynous animals, with only our bare needs to eat, sleep, and fornicate shaping us, existing only as implements for the sterilized minions of Corporate Amerika which demand elimination of all difference and non-standardization, erasing identity and consigning those proud non-conformists to the concentration camp.

When there is no distinction between man and woman, when we exist only to service our animal selves, the purpose of sex as the beautiful consensual act of loving, committed adults is lost, and we devolve into animals chasing bare physical satisfaction, and thus treat each other as such.

We subject women to senseless violence, both cinematically and in the real world, because we have lost our way and devolved into a wicked society which pursues only the basest, most animal of pleasures and has abandoned all that which uplifts humanity for the sake of a cheap and quick fuck.

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