20 April 2009


This is a world of walls, figurative and literal.

Each society is comprised of a innumerable series of interlinked but self-contained social networks, admitting entry to a certain number of people apiece. These networks congregate around topics as disparate as shared interests, professional societies, or even a shared enjoyed propensity toward inebriation (as is so common within the dickhead classes). 

These networks are formed at precise times during the life cycle. Generally the years of formal schooling, in par-ticular higher education, are the formative times in which it is "acceptable" by larger social standards to form and reform basic relationships with others.

However, when that opportunity passes, the window closes, or at least this occurs in places with stupendously low social capital such as the empire of dickheads we refer to as the USA. The arrangement of social networks freezes into place, and it has been made deliberately difficult by our wise overlords (not) to penetrate these networks without extraordinary, superhuman effort.

There is no school, no formal tautology which teaches the budding entrants into the human race that once graduation day arrives and you have failed to connect, you are to be left utterly, completely alone. The networks are formed, the little knots of cafe society are arranged precisely, and comfortable arrangements prohibit disruption by the inclusion of additional members after the fact.

These social cliques are as closed off in precisely the same manner as the most exclusive gated communities for the elites.

In short, the social isolate, attempting to penetrate the subject after the fact, is faced by walls
both actual and virtual. This can take every form from quiet shunning to the in-your-face presence of a burly, mustachioed, truncheon wielding security "officer" stating that one's presence means we now suddenly "have a problem" - to presumably be rectified by blunt force in the absence of turning one's tail between the legs and immediately vacating the premises.

Those left outside are cast out into the darkness of atomization and anomie, a breed of faceless, presumed inferior Others who are not fit to exist within "higher" society. The downtown areas of our nation are filled with such souls after 5 PM - the homeless, the broke, those reduced to fetching their suppers out of garbage cans, the convenient refuse of "superior" people.

And it is said that fascism was defeated decades ago.

Let it not come as a surprise when the comfortable in power, the latte-sipping class fully behind them, see fit to remove the "inferiors" from society completely, with the lame excuse that due to economic collapse, we cannot afford to let them remain "parasites" on the body politic.

They won't call them concentration camps at that point. But the intent is the same - to remove the Other from sight, to the point of physically destroying him.

This is where we are headed. We erect walls around our comfortable lives, admitting no one who does not meet our warped "standards", permitting no interchange of ideas that might disturb our comfortable worldviews, refusing to take risks by admitting into our circles those that might be even minutely different from ourselves.

One might think oneself safe, secure behind the virtual walls of snobbery and privilege which are seeming protections against those who are deemed by society as "creeps", "kooks", and "schizo." And for a time, these protections have worked to their intended extent.

But the creeps are becoming deeply discontent with their assigned role in the Amerikan corporatocracy.

They are hardly satisfied with the disgraceful position in which they are held by their social "betters."

They resent the bare, unsatisfying life dealt to them, in jobs which provide no spiritual redemption, in a debased currency where they subsidize the benefits paid to their social superiors, to the lack of companionship which a corporatist atomized society provides them.

They most especially resent being forcibly deprived of the comfort which a loving spouse would provide, for the rest of their days, on account of being labeled as "sick" and "anti-social."

But who is the dictator of "social acceptability"? Who is the arbiter of what can and cannot fly amongst the crowd?

Follow the money.

Here I do not speak of truly ill types, such as the late sociopath Cho Seung-Hui and his fellow travellers. I speak of those who lack social skills, for one reason or another, but who do not deserve one single iota of the disgusting treatment dealt them by a society which revolves around the counterfeit pleasures of sports, alcohol, and sexual promiscuity.

If you don't resemble the artificial, underwear model, soap opera version of a "man," you are a "creep."

If you believe that government is not your friend and protector and never will be, you are a "kook."

If you don't immediately trust and say "Hi-de-ho, neighbor" to everyone you encounter, you are "anti-social."

If you use your mind, follow the evidence, and understand the true, ugly reality of Amerikan society, and refuse to whitewash matters when asked your opinion therein, you are "schizo."

Gotta love labels. Leadership classes find them convenient for their divide and rule tactics.

They have grown to make us fear the Other, when it is They who we really should despise. It is They who have debased our currency, squandered our wealth, slaughtered the flower of our youth on faraway battlefields in the name of a false "freedom", pauperized the masses and reduced our standard of living, and championed the perpetuation of faith in a fictional nonentity as "eternal reward" for tolerating all their other depredations.

So wall yourself up, dear dickheads. Keep shunning the Other. Isolate and marginalize large sectors of our society for the sake of keeping your wine tasting parties continue undisturbed by the 'uncredentialed' and the 'undesirables'.

See how far that will get you when the lambs come to slaughter, and you will be desperately begging for our assistance.

But nay, we will be hard pressed to lift a finger to spare your lives.

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