22 April 2009

USSA implosion update

News items of note on this Earth Day:

- The truth and reconcillation commission on the crimes of the previous Leader's administration seems to be inching toward reality. I would be extremely surprised if anything substantive came of it, since both Team Red and Team Blue are drenched in blood from head to toe.

But it would be fitting to see some form of justice doled out to the late Leader's chief henchmen and Praetorians. Also it would divert the leadership's attention toward their own personal politics of destruction, which may yet spare us from a more forcible prosecution of Our Leader's plans to wage a Federal war on depression, which from past experience should be just as successful as the wars on terror, drugs, poverty, crime, illegitimacy, et cetera.

Note the lack of any moral discussion of torture in the media - really, it boils down to the minute gradations between what is "acceptable" between Team Red and Team Blue. The torture will, of course, continue - but BO's boyz will just have to be more careful and ensure that this time around, it stays undercover, where it was supposed to be all along.

- Several executives highly placed in the Federally supported financial apparatus have recently apparently either become too tortured by their consciences, or have been delivered poison pills by their Illuminati like handlers in high places. In either event, fortituous suicides such as this elicit few if any tears from we the sheeple, who have lost everything plus their shirts due to the "scientific" (mis)management of the financial sphere - as if anything as complex as high finance could even being to be "managed."

- It's Earth Day, and Our Leader wants us to be more environmentally aware. I'll wager that he'll talk the talk down to the sheeple, but retain the White House thermostat at 72 degrees in a demonstration of his "flinty Chicago toughness."

In any case, if the Federal empire was really serious about saving the earth, it would just disappear.

The State performs no task better than placing a crushing load of onerous and pointless rules and regulations before us which affects us in all walks of life. The regulations only add compounded costs, expense, and additional burdens on us all. All which waste and expend precious time, resources, and doubtless contribute to pollution and environmental degradation.

So if the State desires to retain any moral authority to lecture us on "sustainability", then heed these words: make like a leaf, and blow away.

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