24 April 2009

Old State Cap!

A tour of the historic Old Louisiana State Capitol in downtown Baton Rouge, as of last week-end:

The central staircase spirals upward, with low hand railings befitting the smaller stature of 19th century folk.

The cathedral ceiling. I have a 1994 photo which is identical to this image; regrettably it is in analog format (boo hoo).

The bureaucratic offices were beyond these windows on the third floor (which is inaccessible to the public).

Entering the legislative chambers from the second story gallery.

The Senate Chamber. It was here that Huey Long was impeached, but sadly not convicted, in 1929.

The House chamber, more grandiose than the upper house in an interesting turn of design. This building served as the state's seat of government from 1850-1862 and from 1882-1932.

Government was much smaller back then:

Even then, the governor's office had all the perks, though:

Famous last words:

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