18 April 2009

A future of morons

To-day I cracked open a cold one (no, not really) and viewed the Mike Judge film Idiocracy for my viewing pleasure.

Crude as it was (the film will earn no awards for quality) it testifies to a real and present danger which our society faces and which has already wreaked massive havoc upon the fabric of civilization.

It is apparent even in the most mundane aspects that society has grown cruder, more illiterate, less intelligent, and essentially less pleasant within a very short span of time. Activities that were once universally condoned as immoral and criminal are now indulged upon with wanton abandon. Every aspect of civilization has suffered: political discourse, human health, quality of life, education, et cetera et cetera. Who here could be shocked that imbeciles now rule in high places, that logical fallacies are regarded as high truths, that anti-intellectualism and cultural narcissism has coarsened the fabric of life?

The style of communication has grown less intellectual and less formal over time. To take a minor example, witness television advertisements from the 1950s that touted a product's benefits in clear and concise language, then compare to the graphics and "spectacle" laden farces of to-day. In the process, we passed through the "jingle" era of the 1970s and 80s which died of its own intellectual squalor

It is such that even a semi-intelligent person such as myself is considered "smart" in the grand scheme of things.

Have you noticed that our society has produced far fewer works of quality, individuals of merit, inventions that have improved your life (and no, Twitter does not count)? Instead of great men, we are offered interchangable dickheads with unremarkable, illiterate sounding names like "Wendig" and "Throop" who are more concerned with jockeying for comfortable positions in the dickhead corporatocracy than providing anything of merit to the world. In this age of the end of freedom, our comatose overfed sheeple do nothing so long as they are fed their quota of tequila and brie.

For further explanation, I suggest you read this article, written by a true patriot and the truest shit you will ever read. The writer is far more articulate in this matter than I ever could be.

As the educated classes dwindle before the inexorably expanding hordes of welfare staters, hands outstretched in bottomless "need" with their expanding wastelines, drain on productive wealth and resources, and pathological narcissism bred by a lifetime of coddling by their State benefactors, it is inevitable that the end result will be a mindless morass dwelling in the electronic corral of an omnipotent police state, bar code tattoos and all, entertained in their mental stupor by endless bread and circuses.

Is this the world you desire for your children?

Change starts when blood runs down the streets of the Imperial City and the steps of its marble palaces to power. May that day of reckoning come within our lifetimes.

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