01 February 2009

Stupor bowl

Again it's time for that unofficial national holiday, Stupor Bowl Sunday, where Amerika places its crassness and moral bankruptcy on display for the world to see and shake their collective heads over.

A holiday in which insipid advertisments featuring talking chickens, dancing lizards, promotional gimmicks, over the hill rockers as halftime "entertainment", are part and parcel of the scenery. It makes one sometimes forget that there is even a game being played here.

And all of it arranged by one of the most disgusting and demoralized corporate forces out there - a legal monopoly, given its blessing by the Imperial Power to dominate and control a once proud sport such as organized football, turning it from an authentic spectator sport into a corporatized financial free for all that has lost all true meaning for erstwhile fans.

You would think, in this age that calls for restraint and sobriety, that Amerikans would know better, that they would tone down the tenor of the festivities.

But this is Amerika, and as they say, Fuck yeah!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I only watch for the commercials, but this year, they were crap.