31 January 2009

Thug heaven

With the economy in free fall and the Church of Keynes providing answers, this should be hog heaven for the parasite classes.

What does not need to be subsidized just now is immoral, immodest, or profligate behavior. This is a time for restraint and retrenchment, not the proverbial handing of the credit cards to those who have long proven their lack of responsibility regarding, well, anything.

Yet with a disciple of Keynes and wanton thuggery now occupying the Imperial Mansion, it is certain that the coming "stimulus" is going to do exactly what should not be called for.

Expect the lazy and immoral to profit and grow fat from the coming lean times, while the productive are looted beyond belief.

Can't comprehend such an outcome? In the words of the old Braniff slogan, Believe it! In Bizarro-world such as we live in to-day, these things happen.

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