03 February 2009


All will be explained regarding the new, fresh economic policies currently emanating from the Imperial Palace - the sparkling new theory of the ages known as Obamanomics!

The tenets of Obamanomics are as follows:
  • When in debt, spend yourself further into a hole.
  • When confronted with a liquidity meltdown largely caused by the fiat currency regime, print more of said fiat currency to break the "logjam" in the credit markets.
  • In the event of an economic crisis caused by overspending and massive government intervention, expand government intervention massively in the guise of even more overspending to cure the problem.
  • Do as I say, not as I do.
  • Government failures can only be solved by throwing more resources (that is, tax dollars) at the problem.
  • Redistributing money from the private economy into the public sphere, which does not "grow" the overall pie no matter how you slice it, will "stimulate" economic growth.
  • The most important consideration is to protect the survival of the Corporate Power. After all, they're too big to fail.
  • If we come up short, we can just print our way into prosperity. See how successful Zimbabwe is at doing this. Virtually everyone living there is a trillionaire by now!
  • Damn the inflation! Full speed ahead with the printing presses!
  • Saving is to be avoided at all costs. Economic prosperity hinges on massive spending and thereby enriching the banks and credit companies by expanding debt balances.
  • Protect the dickhead way of life at all costs. Thrift and restraint are unAmerikan, and thus we can never ask for this from our largest base of political support.
  • Buy now, pay later - preferably after the Sun King has left office eight years from now.
  • Don't worry about deficits and debt, they don't matter anymore. The working man, and his children, and his children's children's children (sorry, Justin Hayward) will foot the bill.
Gotta love this bright new theory! Zounds!

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