12 February 2009

Stimulus of abominations

The vaunted "stimulus" is just a heartbeat away from the Executive signature that will officially render it the law of the land.

And with the stroke of a pen, the empire falls and the people are raped and plundered into eternity.

Imperial hubris cares nothing for human life, only for power and the acquisition of power.

Each individual life is precious and valuable. With the rise of the State, the individual becomes a cog in a gigantic machine of death, to be expended and discarded as an anonymous corpse in a pile with so many other hapless beings.

You may find this perspective extreme. But there is bountiful proof throughout the ages that when the State becomes the dominant force in a society, the downfall occurs soon after, and the corpses pile high.

For the State is power, the antithesis of life. Life rejects by nature the sway of outside forces seeking to exert that power over the bodies which comprise it. Therefore, the State must reject life, to replace it with destruction and death. The State has been the sponsor of history's greatest mass murderers.

The State, thus, is anti-life.

I rest my case. The power and legitimacy of the State rests on force to the pain of death.

The State must therefore not be allowed to loot, plunder, rape, and kill anymore. For the good of all life on the planet, the State must be destroyed.

Tell that to our god-Leader in chief.

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