10 February 2009

Downtown street scenes

A collage of downtown scenes from a lazy Sunday afternoon in the Stick:

Third Street on Sunday: dead as always.

The superstructure for the new parish courthouse has been substantially completed by now.

II City Plaza is essentially finished, and awaits its future tenants.

The public sector started construction on their tower first, but private industry beat them by a mile.

The brick and mortar ladies of Third Street greet us from across the moonscape of parking reservoirs.

A downtown institution sleeps on Sunday for lack of meaningful foot traffic.

This gutted, partially renovated structure on Lafayette Street resembles something out of postwar Berlin. Finish the renovation already!

Adaptive reuse: this building houses a restaurant, cafe, and part of the LSU art gallery. At one time, this was a parking garage (hard to believe, but true).

This tower of State bureaucrats sits lonely and forlorn, the public "servants" at rest for the week-end.

A pleasant place to sit and while away a Sunday afternoon downtown.

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