09 February 2009

Utter ruin

Hearing the Grate One's primetime pronouncements this very minute, I am reminded of the old saying "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

Indeed, fools as always are pulling the levers of power, but in this case it can only lead to mass slaughter. There can be no better definition of pure evil.

B.O. has in twenty minutes proven himself to be the most economically ignorant and illiterate Leader of all time. (Not that this wasn't expected.) Given his predecessors, that's quite some feat.

His entire programme is standard Keynesianism, the ante upped per the ramped-up level of public fascism that runs rampant to-day. The only difference now is instead of billions we speak of trillions; but the ignorant and thoughtless "pump priming" ethos remains.

This can, of course, only lead to devastation, as only the few sane people seem to be aware. If B.O. and his powerful friends think's it's bad now...don't hold your breath, as the cities rapidly begin to resemble Port-au-Prince as they degenerate into chaos.

I quote the illustrious Lew Rockwell, who always translates exactly what I am thinking into the written word far better than I could:

I am listening to Boring Barack's economic plan, and thinking that Keynesianism, shorn of mathematics and academic jargon, even sounds stupid: print trillions in paper money, bail-out loser firms and banks, spend massively on political projects, and grow rich.

There was one fun moment when Obama noted that he was shocked that some some people (get ready for the outrage) question the efficacy of FDR's New Deal, a battle he thought had been won long ago.


Welcome back to the 1930s. The abyss of starvation and death awaits us, our justly deserved fate as a country. With the likes of B.O. at the helm, it is becoming clear to even the dullest that the corpses are sure to pile in heaps.


And now they are talking about a "truth and reconcilliation commission" to investigate the late Bush regime, as if this was some dictatorship or something.

Oh, wait...

But dat won't fly when all the parties in Leadership have blood on their hands. So again, don't hold your breath.

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