14 February 2009

Bippin' down to Lafitte

With some spare time on my hands, what a better way to use it than bip on down the Barataria hi-way down to Lafitte!

And what does that mean? MOAR SINES!!!

The former Lafitte-Larose Highway (aka LA 3134), a road which went to neither Lafitte nor Larose, has now been mercifully renamed the "Leo Kerner/Lafitte Highway." Unwieldy, but it works, I guess.

Those tall lightpoles are way out of place out here in the boonies.

Clinching LA 45, I travelled to its end at Lafitte:

The main road continues somewhat further south (at left), but this is the end of the state maintained section.

Here I found a signage rarity:

Don't see too many of these in the Bayou State.

Here is (most of) LA 302 in all its glory:

The Kerner Bridge over Bayou Barataria, with its rotted wood plank driving surface, is the sole access point to the Barataria community situated on its banks opposite the town of Jean Lafitte.

Ventured to the end of the pointless LA 303:

Not much, I'm afraid.

Swinging thru Crown Point on the return leg, another sineage find was espied:

The single LA 560-4 sign in existence. Well, strike that one from the list of "unmarked" routes...

My return was via the newly extended Destrehan Avenue:

Here Destrehan Avenue enters Louisiana's largest subdivision, Woodmere. I'll stop at this point because past here, we enter some real armpit territory.

Dat's the Westbank for you.

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