16 February 2009

Dead imperators day

In case you in the productive industries missed it, to-day was President's Day, also known as Prefident's Day (in republican times), Dead Imperators Day, or Day of Leader Worship.

When you put it dat way, the similarities between the USSA and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (dat's North Korea to you) become far more obvious.

Indeed it is a fortituous time to be a Leader. With the fascism inherent in our system becoming more open by the day, the Leader feels little fear in openly appointing an "envoy for autos" as if this was the old Soviet state economy where every industry was centrally planned.

Give it time. Capitalism "failed" with the late boom crack-up. As the lean times persist and the pale of starvation grips the land, soon the sheeple will be clamoring for European style state ownership of industries and economic "management" by bureaucrat "planners" and "scientists."

And you thought I was kidding so many months back. Wrong, Paco!

But back to the topic at hand. To-day we venerate those former Leaders, those past imperators who left their "legacy" in marble and blood and cemeteries filled with corpses; we worship those immortals as surely as the Romans worshipped their dead emperors as gods.

Many moons back, folks had the minimal good sense to delay the god-worship of our late Leaders until after their bodies turned cold. Until recently, we had at least the gumption to wait until our Leader's terms of imperium were ended before showering them with religious veneration. To-day, in this most "enlightened" period, we now shed any sense of pretense and go all out with worship of our current, sitting Leader as a living god-head.

What progress we have made from the depths of the Dark Ages!

Religion is dangerous, and that is why god is dead and should stay dead. So imagine the fun we can have when a man declares himself above the common lot and arrogates to himself god like status.

Such is the root of the current holiday, linked inexorably as it is to the current blind faith in State action. Of course, with all that the sheeple demand of it, it is evident that only a god-as-Leader could make the State work effectively. Perhaps that explains the worship of men as gods now and throughout history.

Like the concept of god itself, it is a faith-based fantasy. This delusion will take us to our (mass) graves.

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