17 February 2009

Piled high and deep

The corpses, that is.

No telling how many excess deaths were assured for the future as Our Imperator affixed his Imperial seal to the Stimulus of Abominations to-day, while upon one of his tours of his crumbling, decayed Empire.

Like the Smoot-Hawley Tariff of an earlier dark age, this will be remembered as the straw that sealed the path toward utter destruction and ruination.

Only this time, it is certain that after nearly a century of the counterfeit fiat money regime, this go-round at sterilizing the implements of productive activity will spell the end of civilization itself.

The sheep aren't quite grazing in the Forum yet.  But millions cling to State rations, perched on the precipice of homelessness and starvation, while the implements of industry fall idle due to the dark works of morons in high places.

There is so much work to be done; yet millions are put to pasture, with the danger that now and future Leaders will mark them as "surplus population" fertilizer, good only for the killing fields, growing by the day.

The moral bankruptcy of the State ranks boundless.

Welfarism is always followed by warfarism, as the elites rush to "stimulate" the failing economy with the mass destruction of material goods, as stimuli and bailouts (even those orchestrated by our ruling men-gods) fail to work their alchemic magic.

At least one profession will be in high demand before long: undertakers.

So it will be piled high and deep indeed.

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