20 January 2009


The pathetic millions turn their faces to the sun king as the monarch in waiting assumes his crown at the coronation ceremony fit for a decayed, depraved empire, thus rising to the throne as King Moron the 44th. The thug of the hour attracted his unworthy supplicants by the millions as they strained to their utmost to obtain even a glimpse of their god-idol of the moment.

A more pathetic demonstration of sheeplike worship could not be conceived. The dumb masses, desperate to prop up the subsidy train just a while longer while the nation goes to hell around them due to the corruption and dark amorality of their black souls, pray that the One will live up to his promises and work the ageless alchemists' miracle of turning stones into bread. And he will certainly attempt to do this, through the modern equivalent of enshrining pieces of paper with "value" by printing images of power such as fasces, eagles, and dead Imperators upon them in green ink.

Perhaps he is truly deluded into believing that such a course of action cannot result in inevitable, destructive disaster, as it certainly will. Perhaps he knows better, but will pursue this course of action anyway, because it is the path to power. If it works for Mugabe, it will work for Le Roi Soliel too.

But the anointed one is but a sheer mortal, and in the delusion of the age, of a people which are far too willing to indulge in delusion and mass fantasy (as long as it is wrapped in the red, white, and blue) their minds again dangerously transcend reality to invoke god like powers upon their beacon of hope.

It is not a desire to return to a life of productive value that propels their delusions. Nay, it is the gasping endgame of the bread exchange, of robbing A to feed B, of supporting the corn-fed moronic entities by looting the seed grain of the responsible and productive. In B.O. the grasping subsidy classes see their last opportunity to raid the store and make off with the whole. Through their pharoah, they prepare to make off with the last of the pantry.

The subsidy classes never learn that if you loot the treasury and sack the grain warehouses to satisfy to-day's immediate wants, leaving nothing for to-morrow, that starvation is inevitable. It is the high time preference immaturity of young children, the mentality of animals.

The stores are bare. The seed corn has been consumed. The treasury sits empty, replaced by a massive pile of IOUs.

To-day the god-monarch and his followers party with the full flush of having obtained power. To-morrow, the god-monarch will sit with his court advisors and suddenly face the bare realities of what awaits us, and he will be god no longer.

And when their god has been proven impotent, dare we even comtemplate the rage of the looter class who have placed the securities of a cushy future built upon subsidy upon his seemingly impregnable shoulders?

The only thing that separates America from its third world reality to-day is the dickhead assumption that this is a nation of productive people and real wealth. But as recent events has demonstrated, so much of that "wealth" is a fiction. It was all based on lies.

The fundamental sign of a culture which is approaching destruction is the abandonment of honesty and integrity. Our way of life is based on lies. We accrue debt, promises to pay, but we really do not intend to - how else could such profligacy, of living beyond our means, be understood? Lies. Our wealth is a lie. Our currency is one huge lie. Our political system is a fascist dictatorship, but we continue to lie to ourselves and claim that this is a democracy.

The entire nation is an apparatus of lies upon lies, waiting for the rock to be thrown upon the towering and fragile house of glass, shattering the fraud into a million pieces. 

Our current Leader, for which no lie is too great, a person whom we hardly know besides the facade of lies so well pandered by our supplicant media, is but the personification of that fraud.

It is a delusion entered into willingly, because the truth is painful. It is painful to admit that we as a nation are broke. It is even more painful to be broke. But cardboard box city cometh whether we continue to indulge in our delusions or not. Eventually reality will intrude, as the sharp daggers of death cannot be ignored. Mass death and famine keeps civilization in touch with reality, as they have throughout the ages.

Enjoy the fraud to-day in its last, desperate moments, for tomorrow the tower of glass will shatter completely, and these things will come to pass.

See you in hell, Amerika.

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