21 January 2009

Inaugural predictions

It is actually quite easy to make predictions on the future track record of Our Leader. The media will obfuscate the matter, but anyone with even a smidgen of critical thinking skills should be able to make reasonably decent guesses in this matter.

It is a given that the god-king will fail miserably. In my lifetime, all presidents have failed miserably. Our current imperator shows no signs of breaking that track record. In my lifetime, imperial activities have only served to make life more oppressive and less fulfilling for the many. For the dumb masses, no high alchemist in the tabernacle of power ever comes close to fulfilling the eternal promises of making bread from stones.

But B.O. operates under even more onerous restrictions. He is relatively young, inexperienced in everything, and on top of all this has never held a real job in his life, much less one requiring executive experience. He is a economic mystic, fervently believing that only State action, vested in him the economic god-dictator, can "save" the economy. I predict that these actions will inflict horrible damage on an already teetering economic apparatus and send us finally headlong over the edge into permanent, third world like destitution.

Let's see how far campaign bluster goes toward putting food in people's bellies. Not much, I dare say.

For the first 100 days or so, it will be easy to get away with claiming that all the troubles of the country were the fault of the previous Leader. But on day 101, the jig is up. The problems become B.O.'s mistakes and errors. I predict the lustre will wear off rapidly when day 101 comes and all Amerika's afflictions will have not magically evaporated under the alchemist's touch.

Then the honeymoon will be over. And B.O. will become the lamest duck of them all.

Such is the regrettable outcome of promoting someone into power because of his skin color.

And guess what, Amerika? You are all going along for the ride.

Like I said before, see you in hell.

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