19 January 2009

MiLK day

To-day is MiLK day, as the folks in the know call it.

If you are a bank employee or a bureaucrat like me, you have been robbed of a day of productive work due to the government imposed fiat of an enforced holiday to venerate he for whom to-day commemmorates, the modern patron saint of subsidy mulching.

To-morrow the extended celebration begins, as the long-dreamed for subsidy fantasy to end all fantasies commences, setting itself up for the inevitable crash and burn down the road. But that is to-morrow.

Remember, to-day is the only holiday which government imposed not because of faithful tradition, but instead due to the threat of property violence and physical destruction. Unlike other religious figures, MLK (despite what he himself practiced in life) no longer represents peace, brotherhood, and goodwill, but a rapacious destruction where the adherents loot as much as they can place their hands upon.

To wit, from Wikipedia:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day was founded as a holiday promoted by labor unions in contract negotiations...

In 1990, Arizonans were given an opportunity to vote to observe an MLK holiday...Prior to that date, New Hampshire and Arizona had not observed the day. Throughout the 1990s, this was heavily criticized. After a 1990 proposition to recognize the holiday in Arizona did not pass...[t]he hip-hop group Public Enemy recorded a song titled "By The Time I Get To Arizona", on their 1991 album Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black, in which they describe assassinating Arizona Governor Fife Symington III for his opposition to the holiday. (Emphasis added)

A foundation of looting and thuggery. I rest my case.

What a grate and glorious country this is.

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