17 January 2009

The drumbeat continues

This extended week-end is a huge one for Black Amerika.

Every founder of a major religion has his holiday. Jesus has Easter. Mohammad has Ramadan. Moses has Passover. And Martin Luther King has his day this Monday, with the Messiah to follow up with his moment in the sun on Tuesday.

What religion does MLK and his chosen One represent? The religion of subsidy, of something for nothing, that which has its greatest and most hard-core aspirants in the Black community.

Ironic, because it would seem that MLK was not the type to endorse the subsidy racket, and indeed I would think that he would be appalled to observe the sorry state of Black Amerika to-day. Yet generations of his followers have perverted his message of equal opportunity into a rabid squealing for "rights" which translates into subsidies because it follows that the White community "owes us."

Don't think this is a convenient exaggeration. The disease that is subsidy has a pernicious effect on character and personality, regardless of race. It brings one to develop a substantial and overblown sense of entitlement. When was the last time the service workers you encountered talking amongst themselves bellowed out to you, "WE ARE SOCIALIZING! YOU WILL WAIT!" or some such? Believe me, it happens all the time here. The corn-fed benefactors of subsidy, as always, place their unearned comfort first above all else.

It stands to reason that the One is the ultimate personification of this attitude. The looter parade marches on.

As the economy contracts, the table scraps will become leaner, and the subsidy crowd will soon become dis-enamored with their Messiah as he fails to deliver the goods. A more explosive situation could not be conceived.

Stay tuned, the next few years should be interesting.

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