27 January 2009

Murderer in chief

So in B.O.'s first week, the god-king has already proposed crippling new spending, ordered his first murder, promulgated onerous new regulations that will impoverish us all, and refused to demonstrate any form of native intelligence or moral restraint.

Off to a running start, I see.

Just as I anticipated, sadly. No surprise to all you freedom loving critical thinkers out there. The actual murderer who wears the purple may change, but the corporative fascist dictatorship lives on.

What, you thought that your messiah was all for "change"? You poor, sick, deluded asshole.

Meanwhile, the corpses pile higher and the hungry faces grow leaner and longer as the economy continues its total systemic collapse.

Another easy call there. When an economy is fueled by the collective American Express card (the platinum special, Ben Bernanke edition!), the sudden evaporation of a credit line means that spending is pretty much, well, spent.

If there is a silver lining to all this, it is this much:


Prepare for the harvest, fellow Amerikans. It will be fortunate indeed if even your testicles remain, after the creditors who funded your orgyfest are done with you.

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