26 January 2009

Moar interchange madness!

Moar interchanges!! The trend continues!

In response to an ongoing thread on the AARoads Forum, and because I have no idea how to post pictures to that forum, here is an image of my local intersection, I-110 at LA 3045/Capitol Access Road:

Yes, those corkscrew ramps are as sharp and convoluted as they appear.

Capitol Access Road leads directly to the Louisiana State Capitol and its pleasant grounds, the state bureaucratic precinct, the LaDOTD headquarters (out of sight just north of the trumpet structure), and the Governor's Mansion.

Actually, on southbound I-110, Exit 1G/North Ninth Street is a far more direct access to my neighborhood. You will observe the ramp leaving I-110 just above the sharp curve. (Lots of exits in this area.) That ramp essentially turns into the SB frontage road, North Ninth Street. The corresponding NB frontage road, North Tenth, curves into the interchange on the inside of the curve. As is plain from the above, the roads serve as collector/distributor roads and comprise an integral part of the interchange.

Here is a ground level view of the aforementioned curve:

Known as the Governor Mansion's Curve, this treacherous bend is a quintessential product of 1950s highway engineering. You can observe the ramp from North Ninth/Cap Access Road to 110 SB in the foreground. The gantry in the background hovers over the frontage road (N. 10th) which functions as C/D lanes. Just past that gantry, your choice is either to bolt right to Cap Access Road or left onto 110 NB via a nasty inside lane merge.

The ugly modernist structure in the background is the LaDOTD HQ.

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