28 January 2009

Failure, failure, failure

Utter incompetence. That is what I stand for nowadays. And everyone around me knows it, but dare not utter the truth.

It seems impossible. An incompetent such as myself makes a secure sum and continues on in a responsible position, though he is an utter failure and completely and totally unsuited for the position and the work therein.

What makes it possible? Civil service protection, that's what!

Evil indeed. In the free market, my value would have been rapidly assessed long ago. In bureaucrat-land, the ability to take orders trumps all else, even criminal incompetence such as I display daily. So those who are best able to parrot their superiors (that's me!) remain in their cushy digs despite the evident and clearly obvious moral outrage it represents to professional peers and to society.

In the private sector, the rationale for keeping a person employed is whether he adds value to that organization for which he works. Like I said, if this were a non-governmental position, my walking papers would have been submitted to me long ago.

The last thing that I add to any organization is "value." Surely you jest if you believe otherwise.

You wonder why I have so much time to bang out copy in these spaces. Well, guess what? The incompetent have few if any friends.

That should explain it.

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