26 December 2008

Lies and the lying liars who tell them

This holiday season, lumps of coal for the following el supremo liars who have worked their entire lives to spread civilizational destroying fibs:

  • B.O. - For all but claiming god like powers, and tricking the sheeple into believing that he can walk on water (though this may be more a charge against the sheeple than anything else)
  • The mainstream media - for failing to recognize the paradigm shift facing us, and exhorting us to buy, buy, buy in the face of reason, because it's the patriotic thing to do!
  • Jim Cramer, Dickhead Emeritus - for functioning as a propagandist to channel earned income into the black hole of the counterfeit economy that is Wall Street
  • Rolfe McCollister - for promoting the interests of the privileged dickheadery above all else, and supporting the rape of the productive classes to shift their earned income into the shithole that is the public sector and all its leech like hangers on
  • Bush the Lesser - for setting up the chain of events that precipitated the final deluge; it was bound to happen sooner or later, but it will be far, far worse thanx to you, scumbag in chief
  • Ben Bernanke - for warming up the Fed helicopters, setting up the future hyperinflation that will make Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe look like havens of fiscal sanity by comparison
  • Congress - for retaining no semblance of moral conscience, as usual
  • The dickheadery - for partying on and sponsoring bling culture beyond all reasonability as Western civilization collapsed around their heads
  • The Amerikan people - for believing the lies that these lying liars told them, and painting themselves into the biggest lie of them all, the lie that will finally slaughter them en masse
2009 is almost here. Reality has come to call after the decades of mass delusion. The pantries are bare and there is no escape from that nasty fact now. The earth will turn bright red with oceans of blood as the great starving time arrives.

Let the carnage begin.

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