11 December 2008

The cold snowy South

Ya know, if I had wanted to experience true winter weather, I would have moved to someplace like Minnesota or Michigan long ago.

This morning the region awoke to yet another turn in our famous mercurial weather - driving snow!

The environs during the morning commute resembled a Christmas village display:

Or, more properly, a typical winter day in Cleveland.

The frozen precipitation created a temporary winter wonderland appearance to the city:

Predictably the authorities panicked and schools and offices were closed. Snow is a very rare appearance here in the Southland. Despite this, yours truly accomplished an unprecedented feat and managed to reach work despite the extreme weather.

Yet by ten a.m. the snow had stopped, and by afternoon much of it had disappeared, though patches still lingered:

The clouds have cleared now and another nice evening is upon us. And it is anticipated that temperatures will reach 70 degrees on Sunday.

So our brush with blizzard conditions turned out short and brief - thankfully. Because I learned something to-day: Al Gore is a fraud. Global warming my ass.

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