09 December 2008

Like shooting ducks in a pond

This is such an obvious target that it begs astute commentary.

Governor Blagojevich of Illinois has been arrested - arrested! - on corruption charges. The feds have him openly stating intent to sell the open Senate seat (formerly occupied by B.O.) to the highest bidder because he "wants to make money."

Well give him credit, folks. Here is an honest politician, for once.

From all I read on this bastard, he seems to be the sort of pathological narcissist that I often rant about on these pages here. It seems no surprise that this sort of fate should come about for him. This is brazen political corruption in a 1930s sort of way. Actually kind of refreshing, to cut through the subterfuge of a later, slicker age. Guess the Depression is going to be relived in more ways than one.

Ah, Illinois politics. And you thought Louisiana was last in everything - well, guess again. This makes me sleep better at night knowing that I reside amongst (relative) angels.

Remember, folks, B.O. stepped from this milieu to the national stage. And you imbeciles just elected him President. Way to go.

He claims to know nothing about the shenanigans to sell the Senate seat. Riiiight...and I'm Jesus Christ.

I told you once before, and I'll say it again: Chicago politics is coming to the White House.

If this kind of shit happens while merely trying to nominate B.O.'s successor, imagine the fun yet to come. We're talking corruption city.

You heard it here first - B.O. will not complete his first term. There is no possible way. In two or three years he will be compelled to resign his office, due to a combination of policy failure and too many Obama family and friends' hands in the government till.

And you thought your long national nightmare was over. Folks, it's just beginning.

Time for change, anyone?

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