12 December 2008

It keeps you running

It is said that the ongoing economic hardship will be over and done with in a flippantly short time - 18 months or whereabouts is the general estimate.

But depressions of this sort do not simply come and go overnight.

Thanx to the late deeds of our Exhalted Leaders in Parasite City, we have the Damocles' sword of $7.7 trillion of new "free" bailout induced money conjured up from thin air out in Fed-land now hanging over us. The absorption of this debased currency into the economy is unquestionably bound to produce severe inflation, if not hyperinflation. Look for the hyperinflation to begin its ravaging and lethal effects about six to twelve months down the road from now.

When the hyperinflation begins, look for the economy to dissolve into nothingness. This will make the Great Depression look like a mild recession in comparison.

That bailout Congress intends to send the automakers (don't worry, even though the bill failed, the Small Three will no doubt eventually obtain their taxpayer extortion)? Don't think that will solve any problems. There will not be an American auto industry in a year, all that bailout money poured down a rathole and evaporated like the melting snow (to use an analogy of late).

The 1970s are looking pretty appealing right now.

No, you couldn't mean that decade of stagnation, inflation, unemployment, Watergate, bad fashion, disgusting morality, pathetic political leadership, urban decay, underclass expansion, and excellent music?

Yes, I do mean the 1970s.

The years from 2001 onward have been a cesspool of moral turpitude and uncertainty for this no longer great country. And from 2008 onward, the economic collapse will have been added to this mix.

Much like the 1970s, but of course a lot worse, since the stakes are higher and the dickheads more fully run the show now. And of course the police state is more fully advanced and developed, with the creed of nihilism complete and enshrined as the national religion to justify any and all of the capricious actions of the all powerful god men who rule over us via this mechanism.

It is time to face reality. I am ashamed of America and am no longer proud to be an American.

Diss me all you want, police state worshippers. America is officially an evil and wicked nation, in the same manner that Soviet Russia was at its peak.

But that does not mean that the American people are inherently evil. Many are, but (hopefully) the majority are not.

The only way to reverse this trend is to destroy the American State. The nation should be fractured into its smaller polities, at a size where they are too small to do much harm - say, counties and smaller states.

Only with this step can we somehow avoid the chaos that portends to swallow us whole.

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