24 November 2008

We're #1

...in something bad again. Why am I not surprised.

The truth behind this is, Chocolate City is home to the biggest, baaadest, and most moronic and narcisstic rage filled thugs out there.

Corn fed on a diet of State subsidy, self-pity and victim shilling; cut this way and that by the moral depravity and chicanery that is the Third World cesspool of the New Orleans political system, economic structure, and overall way of life; and taught the criminal way of life by a culture where theft is the means of sustenance and productive activity is only that which must be leeched upon, the New Orleans street thug is a product of the larger environment as much as he is of degenerated genes and domestic chaos.

And you wondered why I no longer live there. Much as I will always love New Orleans - it's home, after all - I beat it out of that quagmire soon as my two little feet could carry me.

And what's funny - I have never, ever in all my years been a victim of a crime of any sort (besides being targeted by panhandlers, and that's practically everyplace you go now). It belies the image of this state as being filled to the brim with murderers, rapists, and other thug-in-full characters.

Guess it's just a factor of whom you hang with, eh?

It is truly pathetic to see the depths of depravity to which the city has sunk. A gang of barbarian marauders has sacked the temple, once filled by the tribute of the productive, and looted the seed grain. And now there is very little left.

Such is the basis for the carnage. When there are only scraps left to fight over, it is slaughter your enemy or die anyway.

The worship of the gods of death in the Crescent City is total. 

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