25 November 2008

Dregs of parasitism

So much intelligence, talent, and skill are at this very moment being ground up like so much putrid mulch under the cruel underfoot of the march of the economic depression now befalling us that it seems highly unlikely that even if recovery occurs, that there will be much of a skill base remaining to grow upon. The central credo of hiring managers is: Spend any length of time out of the productive economy, and you are only fit to serve up lattes and flip burgers.

Yet for ten broken souls permanently ruined by the ongoing events, one benighted character manages to scurry through without a scratch. And there is nothing especially different about this person in terms of intellect, talent, work ethic, skill, or age. So lo, how does this miracle manifest itself?

It helps to be female, blonde, busty, attractive, and above all have an intense liking to all things expensive and glittering.

Ah, we have encountered that odious subspecies of the dickheadery, the rich spoiled blonde. Daddy's little girl, she has known privilege and ease all her life. Her looks and money open doors for her that a common man could never hope or dream to enter. Special favors just happen to be done for her, because people are just so nice and trusting. The credit cards, Daddy's bank account - all are willing to help her out of any slight struggle and tide life over, as well as being the ticket to all the good things in life to which she is entitled by virtue of her birth status and Whiteness.

And the worst of it is, she is totally oblivious to it all. Arrogance and condenscending elitism are the hallmarks of her personality. She believes this is how life is because it just is. Privilege and comfort just are, for her. After all, she is from a "good" background and has attended "good" schools all her life, so how could it be any other way?

Oh, the insipid fatal arrogance of these folks.

The common runt of man works hard through school, to obtain an education that is believed will better himself in the long run. He racks up debt (stupid idea) and sacrifices for the hope of a better tomorrow. Yet this girl, for which life is one long party and beer bong, for which no effort is within reason to expend, somehow manages to come out of it without bone crushing debt and the guarantee of a well paid job and a life of privilege. Because that's how life works for the "right" folks, ya know!

Besides the obvious commentary here on what society truly values today, the concept that is missing here is humility. The lack of humility is the dickheadery's greatest flaw and conceit. Without an understanding that no one is immune to misfortune, that you could lose it all in a heartbeat and wind up living under the overpass tomorrow same as the bedraggled homeless panhandler you nearly ran over in your Escalade to-day, that while you sneer at the poor to-day, you could be begging for a handout next week after your life has imploded, then what kind of person are you? Certainly one who is not fully human, that's for sure.

But to the dickheadery, life is lived for to-day, and that lingering pile of debt and high interest maxed out credit cards are just minor annoyances, perhaps to be brushed away one day when the "right people" come into power. For now, let's get drunk and paaaarty!

This intense existence for the moment has finally proven to be the fatal downfall of the dickhead. The easy life of no money down and play now, pay later is fast crumbling as the mountain of unpaid bills comes due and the almighty American consumer, pockets empty and mortgaged into the next millenium, has unsurprisingly come up short. The debt machine that powers what passes for an economy these days is fast evaporating, taking what is left of our country and society along with it. In the wake of all this, nothing will be left, as in all the endless partying, the last of the seed corn was consumed.

And so the dickhead shall starve into an early grave and pass from this earth, a fatal blot and stain on humanity erased due to its own massive self indulgence and egotistic narcissism.

Sic semper dickheadus.

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