15 November 2008

Out and about

More urban prairie exploration went down to-day!

The wooded wastes immediately to the northeast of downtown are rather vast, encompassing several city blocks of undeveloped property. Concealed in the crook of the Interstate, this dense forest in the heart of a major metropolitan area is both fascinating and puzzling all at once.

Not that this area was always undeveloped:

The city street network still criss-crosses the area. On this very street, houses stood until a couple of years ago.

At least the city keeps the grass clipped and manicured to a reasonable level. This could be a scene from a park for all the casual viewer can tell.

A few noble stragglers remain among the woodlands.

Just on the opposite side of the Interstate are the Capitol Park and Spanish Town with their dense urban environments.

In the declining light downtown skyscrapers make their presence known, hovering in the distance beyond the growing wildlife.

Here's a better photo, from the lighted side:

Walking back thru the neighborhood, one sometimes encounters these charming scenes:

And who said Baton Rouge doesn't have grace and class.

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