14 November 2008

Psycho world

This brilliant article is extensively insightful for understanding the crisis of the modern age.

It is increasingly apparent that what drives the madness of our declining civilization is the actions of a few imbecilic prime movers located in high places of power with the ability to effect life or death change upon the huddled masses. As sane men recognize that nearly everything these almighty solons contemplate is rife with the most short sighted, counterproductive, anti-intellectualist malarkey imaginable, it should be crystal clear to us that those in power are not there to "serve the public trust" or some other such banal justification. It is power, pure power, they seek - power to manipulate people's lives, and to inflict hurt and destruction on a scale heretofore unimaginable in human history.

The only explanation for this insatiable will to power must lie in the human psyche, namely that disorder of the mind known as psychopathy. The ancients knew it as the tragic aspect of human nature. In an age when might made right and power was wielded by the most ruthless spear chucker, psychopathy was perhaps the most formidable weapon, as those who possessed it could easily sublimate their conscience as the skulls of one's enemies were violently crushed beneath the feet of the forces of death.

Rapidly we hurtle back into time as the primitivism of our age grows like a fattening leech. The antedote to the tyranny of the psychopath "elite" is information and sanity. With each advance of the total State (the eternal vanguard of which the psychopaths have advanced their interests throughout history), the progression toward the light slows, or downright reverses, and we slip increasingly further back into the barbarism of a more hubristic time, when shady reptilian characters ruled with iron firmness as the common lot of humanity writhed in a seething quagmire of ignorance and barren material want.

Will the psychopaths achieve victory in this current battle of the ages? Likely, as they have yet to experience failure in any of their base endeavors throughout history. The sheeple in their enduring ignorance and attendance to their bare physical needs have not the time, energy, or motivation to show up the imperial bullies once and for all.

Soon it will become imperative, however, to arrest the progress of the dark enemies of humanity for all time. And they are enemies of humanity. The psychopath, much like his social peer the dickhead, is a vortex of self focusing, a blaring suction vortice of ME, ME, ME, for who the pleasuring of his glands and organs are far more important that anything else, including human life itself.

The psychopaths must be neutralized - starting first with the psychopath who will soon inhabit the White House.

If this is not done, then the world as we know it is doomed beyond salvation.

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