17 November 2008


This week-end I happened to read a very disturbing piece which described the loose, flippant, and ultimately nihilistic manner in which young people couple and uncouple at will during the college years and beyond.

Looks like the new thang to-day is "hooking up", which is the puerile euphenism of a coddled generation for casual carnal relations.

I ask of you, parents, now do you think college is a worthwhile investment? Do you really believe it is moral to spend tens of thousands of dollars for four to six years so that young Jimmy or Jane can spend the time (literally) fucking off, lazing off, not contributing to the economy, and generally delaying the start of responsible adulthood beyond all logical recognition?

See, I have just exposed the secret to the dickheadocracy's obsession with university education. (And you thought cable news was telling you all there is to know about America's dark side? Fugget about it.) For it is pretty much common knowledge that university provides little to no preparation for "real world" vocations (unless you happen to be an engineering major). So is the entire enterprise a charade, a means for budding dickheads to become socialized in the methods and manners of morality (or more properly, lack thereof) to which their class is accustomed? Hmmmm...

When the welfare Blacks act in this manner, they are (rightly) called animals. When the lily white country club set decides to shove their genitalia around without restraint, they're excused as practicing "alternative lifestyles."

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!!!!

The modern college campus, at least on the undergraduate level, has become a den of hedonism and iniquity rivaling the seamiest Dutch brothels. My own college experiences, in a past unenlighted time, were far, far tamer than the shit that goes down in the halls of ivy to-day.

And people ask why the institution of the family has deteriorated in recent decades. Ask the hedonist generation and their flower power forebears, which unleashed this harvest of social murder upon an unsuspecting America.

For if people feel absolutely no reverence toward that most hallowed and sacred of human bonding experiences - the act of sexual intercourse - then nothing is left in human character that can reflect goodness or quality.

I mean, come on! If you can't respect the power of that act which brings new life into the world, then what do you truly respect? They certainly cannot feel any sort of respect for other human beings, that is sure. (The current divorce statistics will testify to this fact.) So what is left, then? Material possessions? Fame? Power? Glory?

All insipid stand-ins for a dark, blackened soul which lacks meaning and grounding in human values. In short, the constitution of a dickhead.

As I have said before on numerous occasions here, this is a nihilistic age, and the mentality of its denizens reflects that truism. Nihilism, for those of you who haven't boned up on your basic philosophy, means valuing nothing, believing in nothing, standing for nothing. In the vacuum that is nothing, the most monstrous incarnations of pseudo "value" systems take its place. Generally these systems revolve around some form of obtaining something for nothing, because in all nothing-worship, the human animal is pulled down to the bare wants of his glands and internal organs, nothing being there to compel him to rise above nature and actually act like a man.

Of course, something for nothing value systems usually invoke some kind of collectivist fantasy: Marxism, fascism, "liberal" socialism. And thus the State assumes its eternal parasitical role as it has throughout history in periods of decline. But that is a post in itself, and already beaten to death on this blog a million times over.

The word which sums it all up is "disgraceful."

So the next time someone tells you that carnal profligacy is meaningless, that it represents some great sort of freedom and "hanging loose," that it signals a great Good - which is to wit, that as society, we have no more "hangups" about such behavior - tell them this:

Tell them that although the State has no place in our bedrooms, that does not make such behavior right or moral. Not by a longshot.

Tell them that there is a distict and drastic difference between "libertarianism" and "libertinism."

Tell them to ask themselves next time they find themselves with a strange, inebriated woman in the bed next to them at three a.m. wallowing in her vomit, if such a course of action in life truly makes them happy.

Ask them to imagine an entire society in which the institution of stable families has been abolished, and every adult is permitted to run wild and fancy free in a sexual sense.

Imagine what that might be like. Pictures of the dysfunctional underclass ghettos which blight our nation's cities instantly appear in my mind.

Would you prefer to live in such a world? Would you want your children to inhabit such a world?

Ask them that.

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